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[Elsword] Lu/Ciel 3rd Job Catastrophe Voice & Pose (JP Voice)
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[ElswordKR] 3rd Jobs, What Changed? Noblesse - Innocent
All job luciel ( elsword)
[ElswordKR] 3rd Jobs, What Changed? Demonio-Diangelion
Elsword - Luciel Character Overview + Job Change
Elsword KR - LuCiel the first job Testplay : Live streaming #89 - YouTube
[Elsword KR] LuCiel's 3rd Job Path :: Diabla/Demonio Showcase - YouTube
[ElswordKR] 3rd Jobs, What Changed? Dreadlord - Catastrophe
[Elsword KR] Diabla & Demonio's illustration(LuCiel's 3rd Job!)
[Elsword NA] New Job~Lu/Ciel Test playing.
[Elsword KR] Chili Arch Job Change +Skills (Read opinion in description) - YouTube
[Elsword KR] Diabla & Demonio's 'Overflow mode'(LuCiel's 3rd job!) - YouTube
Elsword Season 2 Add and Luciel Revamp Gameplay Trailer
[Elsword KR] Noblesse PvP Play(LuCiel the 2nd job) 노블레스 공식 대전 - YouTube
[Elsword] LuCiel and Add's 3rd Jobs
Adult Lu and Shadow Ciel?
All job luciel elsword
Elsword on Twitter: "3rd Job 2nd Path Reveal Lu: “Huhuhu… Bow before your true sovereign, the one worthy of the demon throne!” Ciel: ”I'll become your ...
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Elsword 3rd job Illustrations
Elsword Luciel
Elsword [KR]- Luciel (Ciel) New First Job [Royal Guard] Skill Showcase Part Two!
elsword-1. Ciel now has the Royal Guard job path. Now that Ciel has acquired great powers from the demon realm, he pours all efforts into helping Lu, ...
[Elsword] All Hyper Actives 3rd Job (모든 하이퍼 액티브 3 작업)
Lu from Elsword! She is a new character along with her partner Ciel so LuCiel~ Isn't she pretty for a Demon Queen? XD
#ELSWORD#;3rd Job#Add#Ara Haan#Chung#Chung Seiker#Ara#Ain#Ain Ishmael#Raven#Rena#LuCiel#Lu#Ciel#Rose#Elesis#Edward Grenore#Elboy#Aisha#Eltag
Take a look now, try the new job, and most importantly, kill everyone in the PVP battleground. They all deserve it. For some reason. Lu
[Elsword KR] LuCiel the 2nd job Noblesse first playing : Live Streaming #18 루시엘 2차전직 노블레스 라이브 스트리밍 - YouTube
[Elsword] Lu/Ciel 1-1 Gameplay! - YouTube
Elsword MMO Gets New Dual Character
Lu Diabla (3rd job). Yandere face, oh my.
Elsword Lu and Ciel (Fun Date)
Elsword Lu Diabla shared by Hikari on We Heart It
NB x Diabla. I see longer horns. Elsword Anime, Lu Elsword, Demon
Elsword ( Lu )
Lu ciel
( lu elsword) Kawaii Anime, Kawaii Neko Girl, Anime Neko, Manga Anime
Elsword... In all honesty, I would have preferred them as the duel character than Luciel
Part of Eltype Season 3 Volume 2. Never truly hated Elsword ...
Lu Noblesse (second job to Royal Guard)
Comet Crusader
Chiliarch : Ciel is mine~😙 Royal Guard : don't put your hand
Limited Sale Alert! How about playing for the Miracle Alchemist costumes for less? Check out the limited edition Mini Ice Burner at just one-third the price ...
Didn't post for a while because I was busy but here is a fanart (or a sneak peek for an Elsword contest entry?) of Lu from Elsword!
[MMD-Elsword] Catastrophe DOWNLOAD! by Darknessmagician ...
[K's Random Theory] Diabla/Demonio | Elsword Amino
(MMD Elsword)lu base job download (OLD MODEL) by Cresitonia ...
Come follow my deviantart and tumblr! CAn'T WAIT FOR ELSWORD THIRD JOB PATHS
LuCiel Pre-Creation Event
To change the color of the any of the pieces of Diamond Yaksha from Red to Blue, players would need to craft it through Ariel.
Elsword Luciel
LuCiel Pre-Creation Event
#ELSWORD#;3rd Job#Add#Ara Haan#Chung#Chung Seiker#Ara#Ain#Ain Ishmael#Raven#Rena#LuCiel#Lu#Ciel#Rose#Elesis#Edward Grenore#Elboy#Aisha#Eltag
The greatest show on earth won't be complete without the right accessories; you don't want to disappoint magic-lovers do you?
Part of Eltype Season 3 Volume 2. Never truly hated Elsword ...
Elsword Lu / Ciel Comic
Downloadable Content
What do you mean this isn't Lu/Ciel's prologue
Elsword : Lu/Ciel Noblesse and Royal Guard by Miizu-Kun ...
That's all for now, folks! Don't forget to join the events tomorrow!
Elsword's first ever dual character arrives! Introducing Luciel, a dangerous duo from the underworld who are now about to hunt down demon invaders all ...
Because of whoever thought of playing cards as clothing items must be a genius, right? Checkout Elsword in Wonderland for Luciel ...
Gonemen that i was inactive again i was being addicted to this game and grew to
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Lu Ciel 2nd job adv comic: With You 2 [] - Forums - Elsword Online Forums
Japan's costume design winners finally get to showcase their proud work! Just check out all these unique designs for each characters!
Star-Crossed Snipers (An Elsword FanFic)
#ELSWORD#;3rd Job#Add#Ara Haan#Chung#Chung Seiker#Ara#Ain#Ain Ishmael#Raven#Rena#LuCiel#Lu#Ciel#Rose#Elesis#Edward Grenore#Elboy#Aisha#Eltag
[Elsword MMD] Lu - Ishtar DOWNLOAD! by Requieus ...
... Creation Contest, so we won't make you wait any longer for the NA Contest Winners' Designs! Check out Ara, Rena, and Lu wearing their NA costumes.
End-Game Gear & Lil' bit on Stats & Useful Titles (for levelling too)
Elsword Ships- The Best And The Worse
Furious Blade
Elsword Luciel
We don't know about you but we're loving Diabla and Demonio so far. Those transformations! Lu is totally looking like a queen about to slay, and Ciel, well, ...
MM, EE, RG/NB and CR third jobs. #elsword#third ...
Also I hope awakening would make his eyes turned black like in these concept arts too, many characters already having appearances changed in job ...
They transended transendence to gain more control of their demonic energy :v ya know,,, so they don't go insane and shoot up a school-
Elsword Lemon Shippings!